Several Students Earn National Recognition on Spanish Examinations

May 25, 2017

Congratulations to our students who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2017 National Spanish Examinations (NSE). Sacred Heart students earned a total of seven gold, eighteen silver, and twelve bronze medals along with eighteen honorable mentions. Our students have a long history of high achievement on these exams and were taught by Spanish teachers Mary Beth Lombardi, Kathryn Nuñez, and Carmen Martinez Rivera, Ed.D.

The National Spanish Examinations are a motivated contest to recognized student achievement in the study of Spanish and to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish. The exams are online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 6 through 12, given voluntarily by more than 3800 teachers throughout the United States to measure proficiency and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. Attaining a medal or honorable mention on the NSE is very prestigious because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with more than 157,000 students participating.

Students with outstanding scores on the National Spanish Examinations were recognized as follows:

AP Spanish – Teacher: Mary Beth Lombardi
Plata (Silver)
Caroline Berberian

Mención Honorifica (Honorable Mention)
Ashley Angeles

Honors Spanish IV – Teacher: Kathryn Núñez
Plata (Silver)
Brittany Gerckens
Catherine Valloso

Mención Honorífica (Honorable Mention)
Keely Greiner
Madeleine Lagarde
Alysse Mastriano
Mary Naccarato

Honors Spanish III – Teacher: Kathryn Núñez
Oro (Gold)
Gabriela Perez
Glory Villano

Plata (Silver)
Emily Bishop
Courtney Carlson
Nicole Durand
Audrey Seyfried
Melissa Uy
Genesis Brito
Fatima Cardozo

Bronce (Bronze)
Madison Brenchak
Caitlin Buckley
Carson Dziczkowski
Avishan Montazer

Mención Honorífica (Honorable Mention)
Natalie Bonito
Jessica Gallagher
Caroline Kent
Sophia Klump
Gabriela Koziol
Lauren Williams
Annie Avila
Channelle Fuentes

Honors Spanish II – Teacher: Carmen Martínez Rivera, Ed.D.
Gold (Oro)
Erica Drufva
Alessandra Engengro
Claire Lagarde
Catherine McEachern
Mary Sarah Olson

Silver (Plata)
Julia Alvarado
Claire DiAdamo
Czareena Maribbay
Kelly Sandella
Brigid Tesla
Isabella Tufaro
Alexandra Peixoto

Bronce (Bronze)
Veronica Adams
Sara Buzzeo
Morgan Duffany
Julia Ferraro
Swathi Jacob
Abby Noniewicz
Hannah Platt
Emily Tokash

Mención Honorífica (Honorable Mention)
Jillian Bauknecht
Samantha Dorsi
Karissa Frederick
Alexandra Galushko
Vienna Goskowski
Rebekha Mosquito

Premio de Oro – students scoring at or above the 95th percentile.
Premio de Plata – students scoring from the 85th through the 94th percentiles.
Premio de Bronce – students scoring from the 75th through the 84th percentiles.
Mención Honorífica – students scoring from the 50th through the 74th percentiles.

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