Students Excel on National Latin Exam

April 27, 2015

Twenty students attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2015 National Latin Examinations. Students earned two awards of Summa cum Laude plus Gold Medal, five awards of Maxima cum Laude plus Silver Medal , eight awards of Magna cum Laude, and five awards of Cum Laude. The National Latin Exams are sponsored through the American Classical League and are offered annually. These examinations test students on Latin grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension, as well as on Greek and Roman history, culture, mythology and geography.

Our students have a long history of excellent performance on the National Latin Exam and were taught by Latin teacher Adelaide Hirth. Congratulations to the following students, all of whom earned national recognition:

Latin I
Summa cum Laude + Gold Medal
Arushi Khanna ’18
(Perfect Paper)
Amy Ziobron ’18

Maxima cum Laude + Silver Medal
Julia Cyr ’17
Michaela Gibbons ’18

Laura Mocciola ’18
Sarah Nastri ’18           

Magna cum Laude
Katherine Fitzgerald ’16
Maia Jakubowski ’18
Jiwon Jeong ’18
Abigail Kelly ’17
Sadaf Khokhar ’17
Meredith McConnell ’18

Cum Laude
Madison Blakeslee ’18
Katie Crowell ’18
Roselynn Thattil ’18

Latin II
Maxima cum Laude +Silver Medal
Elizabeth LoPreiato ’17 

Cum Laude
Kierstin Jones ’17
Alicia Pekar ’17

Latin III
Magna cum Laude
Kristen Austin ’16
Elizabeth Smith ’16

According to the American Classical League website, more than 153,000 Latin students from all fifty states participated this year, as did students from twenty foreign countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Oman, Phillipines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

World Language offerings at Sacred Heart currently include levels I through AP in French, Latin, and Spanish including AP French Language, AP Latin Literature and AP Spanish Language. Chinese I and II is also offered. The study of world language reinforces English skills and offers students an appreciation of the diversity of cultures and peoples according to the department chair.

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