On a Mission – Students Serve, Study, and Reflect during Winter Break

March 14, 2013

Ten students, accompanied by Director of Campus Ministry Sr. Lany Jo Smith, ASCJ and science teacher Susan Nelson, recently completed a mission trip at the Romero Center Ministries in Camden, New Jersey, which is considered the poorest and most crime-ridden city in the United States. This wonderful week of service, study, and reflection invited participants to experience Christ-centered discipleship and Catholic social justice teachings of advocacy. Students volunteered at a number of local places, including soup kitchens, child intervention centers, shelters for AIDS victims, adult daycares, and Habitat for Humanity sites.

“I had prepared myself for Camden, but I hadn’t truly prepared myself. I was overwhelmed by the amount of poverty I saw as we drove around the city during the week. I was amazed to see a place like this in the United States, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. People in Camden struggle everyday just to make ends meet. We as a group had the chance to live on “welfare” for one day while on the trip. We were split into groups of 4 and given $3.00 each. To try and feed a family of four on $12.00 was challenging to say the least. Most of us were hungry for the day and it provided a glimpse into the life Camden residents lead every day. This mission truly opened my eyes to the poverty in my own country and has inspired me to work harder in my own community, “offered Margaret McAndrew ’13 who did a mission trip to NYC two years prior.

Enjoy Lynn Fredricksen’s front page article that appeared in the Post Chronicle and the slideshow below about the Camden, New Jersey mission trip.

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